Assign Permissions to User Groups

Every user group needs to have permissions associated with it. In this way, the user associated with the group will be able to access certain functionalities whose permissions are associated with the group.

Select the group of users that you want to configure, and a window with the available permissions will appear immediately.

Permissions are assigned on the main menu structure, to facilitate identification. Select the permissions you want to attribute to that group of users you selected and click on the  button at the bottom of the window. A "Configuration Applied Successfully" message will appear.


Permissions with dependencies

Some permissions depend on others for them to be enabled. For example, to access the add news screen, you need to have permissions to View The News, since the add button is located within the news functionality. If you attribute an add permission, this permission will automatically be given for the View News option.

To know if a permission depends on another to be enabled, click on the icon, located next to the name of the permission.

When permissions are disabled, your dependent permissions will also be disabled. For example, if a View News permission is disabled, the Add News permission will also be disabled, since adding a news item requires viewing the news list first.

When this situation occurs, a warning message will appear on the screen, requesting confirmation. See an example in the following image, when trying to disable the View News functionality.

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