Can I change the city from the Weather RSS Feed?

Attention: Only Advanced or Enterprise accounts this can be configured. 

In your account of 4YouSee Manager, Access from the menu Data Sources (1) -> Data Sources (2), locate the source Yahoo Weather and click on the button Modify (3).

data source.png


By clicking on the button Modify you will see the options where you only have to modify the ubicacion

Enter the city you want to see in the forecast in the "ubicacion" field

This field must be completed in City, State format. Example: São Paulo, SP

In the "days" field, the number of days shown in the forecast is reported. Our default template shows 5 days. Change this field only if you are working with a custom template.

When completing the setup, click "Update".


By following this procedure, you can force the update of the weather forecast or wait for the automatic update, which occurs every 30 minutes.

To force the update of news, go to the menu News -> RSS feeds, search for the Feed "Yahoo Weather" and click on the button "Get fresh news". for more information you can see the documentation in Downloads News

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