How to change the player's operating system

Sometimes the client has to change the operating system of a player, for this it is necessary to change the platform type in the Administrator so that the Player is recognized, the following steps show exactly how to make this change.

On the Players list screen, in the operations column, access to various functionalities is available and among the options, as the following picture shows.

modify player.png


A window will appear with the options to modify the player. On this tab will show the basic information of your player.

  • In the Name field (1), fill in the name to identify your player in your 4YouSee Manager Account.
  • In Platform (2), choose which operating system to use on the devices.
  •  Windows and Linux
  • Android


  • LG
  • Samsung


  • Chrome
  • Windows.
  • Linux.
This field must be changed if you want to modify the computer operating system available for the player.
  • In the third area Group (3), Select the group to which you want to associate the Player.
player principal.png

After choosing the operating system to use, click on the Update button  the lower right corner to save. Ok, now just configure the player with the URL and ID provided in the Manager to be able to use the player again.

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