Selling Ads

Ad Sales on a Digital Media or Corporate TV network

This is the most common Digital Signage project monetization model.

Basically it consists of selling ads that will be shown on one or more screens of the player network.

Typically, one ad package is sold per screen at a time interval.

The value charged can vary greatly, ranging from a few cents to hundreds of dollars per exhibition. Factors that influence the price are subject to the number of people who could see those ads, the quality and purchasing power of that audience, the size of the panel or screen, and how relevant the content displayed is.

In order to calculate the value to be charged, the cost of each installed point must be understood. Below we present a basic structure of how to obtain this cost.

ItemCusto Mensal
Amortization or rental of equipmentUSD $ 80.oo
Rent / fee to use the spaceUSD $ 128.oo
Maintenance associated costsUSD $ 80.oo
InternetUSD $ 25.oo
Total USD $ 313

From this it is important to devise a plan so that the sale of the ads significantly exceeds the costs.

It is very common to develop products such as a MEDIA KIT, which is a presentation created by advertising agencies and companies, where the audience numbers, the possible formats of advertisements, information on the premises where the screens are installed, as well as any other are presented. important information.

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