Managing Content of Clients/Agencies

To help you obtain content display reports, you can associate the content you are uploading to your account with a client and an agency. Thus, when exporting a report, select the desired client and / or agency.

This article is a continuation of the article How to Add Contents

To associate the content with an agency and / or client, it is necessary that they are already created. For more information on this, see the Clients and Agencies section.

Assigning Client and / or Agency to your content is optional, but whenever you associate an Agency, you must also have an associated client. When selecting an agency to associate the content, a list of existing clients is displayed to be selected one of them. After filling in the fields, to add the content, click on the Add button, or Modify if necessary.

A window will be displayed confirming that the content has been created or modified successfully, and the list of all the content found in your account.

After adding the content you must place it in a playlist so that it in turn is displayed on a player. We recommend the tutorial How to create Playlists.


Generate exhibition report by client

After you have associated the content with a client and / or agency, you will be able to generate exhibition reports of a client's content. For this, access the main menu in Reports and Analytics (1) -> Reports (2). On the screen that appears on the right side, select the option By Customer, as shown in the image below:

report by client.png

Attention: Exhibition reports are stored for 90 days. After this period they are removed from our servers.

The same logic applies to reports of exhibitions by Agency.

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