How to Add Content

4YouSee allows you to work with different types of content, such as videos, images, music and HTML5.

Attention: some content may not be compatible with your player. See below for the compatibility list.
  • H264 Videos: Windows, Linux, Android,Samsung and LG.
  • Other videos: Windows and Linux only.
  • Flash: No platform.
  • HTML5: Android, Windows, Linux, Samsung and LG
  • Images: Android, Windows, Linux, Samsung and LG


To add content to 4YouSee Manager you must access the Content > Content menu, and then click on the "Add" button located in the upper right part of the screen.

A screen like this will appear:

add content2.png

Three tabs will appear at the top: Main, Schedule, Client.

Remember that the fields in red, along the forms in 4YouSee Manager are mandatory.

The schedule tab should be used if you want to schedule the display of content on all players where it is on time.

The Client tab should be used if you want to control content associations to clients, for example. Then you can generate a report that tells you how much a customer's content has been shown. This option is only available for Enterprise plans

Next we will explain the fields that are part of the "Main" tab.

  • Name (1): This field is not mandatory. If you don't fill it out, it takes the same name from the file you will attach.
  • Duration (2): Indicates for how long the content will be displayed on the player. For videos you must keep this option selected and this will automatically obtain the duration (the system does not cut the videos). In this case, the duration of the video will be defined at the time it was included. In the case of content with .zip, and .html extensions, which cannot be obtained automatically, you must enter it.
  • File (3):
    • File Upload: This is the default option that allows you to upload content from your computer. Lets you upload one or more files. In case of an intermittent internet connection, the file upload will continue every time it detects the internet automatically as long as the page is not closed. In case the page has been closed before finishing loading the file, it is possible to continue the process by uploading the same file and thus continue where the load was going.
    • 4YouSee Designer: Allows you to import content created in your account 4YouSee Designer. See the How to Import content from 4YouSee Designer to better understanding of the import process.
    • Category (4): It is a mandatory field since all content must be associated with at least one category. Click on the "Select" button to choose the categories.

Selecting a category

You can choose how many categories you want for your content.selecting category.png

  1. Select at least one category by clicking on the checkbox.
  2. In case you want to link this content to a playlist (Through a carousel), you can review the article Link carousel to a Playlist
  3. Click on the "Ok" button to confirm..

After filling in all the fields, click on the Add button below (5) to finish adding the content or click on the advance button to continue with the content scheduling or if you want to associate it with a client.

In case you want to schedule your content for a future date and / or associate it with a client and agency, we invite you to see the articles on how to schedule content and associate content with clients in: Add Content with Scheduling and Managing Content of Clients/Agencies

After inserting this content, you must assign it to a playlist so that it can later be displayed on a player. For more information, consult the article How to create playlists

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