Create and link a carrossel to a playlist by inserting or editing a content

This functionality can be used to decrease the steps in the process of creating categories or linking carousels to playlists without leaving the window where the content is added. In other words, it will be possible to add content and associate it to a playlist, subplaylist, group of playlists, player or group of players in one step.

For this, it is necessary to do the process of adding content, as indicated in the tutorial of How to Add Contents, unlike this time it will detail one more step when assigning a category to the content. Once located on the add content screen, click on select, where the following image indicates:

selecting category button.png

Click on "Add Root Category", then a window like the following will appear:

adding category.png

  1. Click the Add category button on the first level.
  2. Name the category that will be created.
  3. Click the "Save" button and a message will appear confirming the creation.

Then click on the category name to display two buttons, where you must click on the button to click on the  button. A window like the following will appear:


category(carousel) to playlist.png

  1. In this option you can type the name of the playlist, subplaylist, player or group of players to filter your search, or if you want you can choose what you want to see, clicking on  so that it is displayed in the list below, whatever you want; Player groups, Players, Playlists, Subplaylists or all.
    • Player groups: A group can have more than one associated player. If you select a player group, the content will be added as a carousel in all the playlists of all the players linked to the player group.
    • Players: A player can have one or more associated playlists (ex: one associated playlist for Monday, and one for Tuesday). If a player is selected, the content will be added as a carousel in all playlists linked to the selected player.
    • Playlists and Subplaylists: The category will be added as a carousel in the selected playlists / subplaylists.
  2. Taking into account the above explained, select the desired item by clicking on its name.
  3. Click on the "Ok" button to confirm.

After confirming, it's just follow the remaining process of Adding or Modifying a content.

distribution of carousel on playlist.png

  1. To perform this extra configuration click on the configuration button.
  2. You can select how the content will be added through the carousel: Distributed automatically, at the beginning or at the end.
  3. You can also define the number of times it will be added to the playlists.

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