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Do you know the API of the 4YouSee Manager?

At 4YouSee we understand that technology brings many possibilities for innovation that creatively add value to our business.


What does the 4YouSee Manager API consist of?

The acronym API refers to the English term "Application Programming Interface" which translated means "Application Programming Interface." It consists of integrating systems with various benefits, such as data security and ease of exchange between information with different languages of use. programming.

By using the APIs, you can develop software to integrate it with 4YouSee Manager in a simple, secure and differential way for your business.


Why use the API of 4YouSee Manager ?

see some solutions that we developed:

? Players status monitoring system
To guarantee the best performance of its players, we created a service that will notify you when a player is offline.

? Alert System

It is part of our objectives to practice the management of large networks of players. For this reason, we offer the contingency flow function in our alerts system. You can record contingency flows and in case something goes wrong, the system will send a message to emergency contacts by SMS or e-mail.

? Mass content publisher

Having a lot of content can make administration difficult. As a solution, we created the content publisher that sends mass data to its players. In this way, you optimize your time and manage your account more easily.

? Custom reports.

Either to validate deliveries, collect or assemble a plan, we have the possibility of creating reports according to your needs.

? Dashboard

Visual information is easier to observe and interpret. This is why our dashboard uses graphics and screenshots of the players that show the content that will expire, in addition to being able to use filters to customize your Dashboard.


Create innovative solutions:

- Lift & Learn;
- Dynamic content based on facial recognition;
- Dynamic prices based on the public.

We invite you to access our API's manual on API documentation

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