What are Access Restrictions?

Access restrictions are a set of rules that define which records will be viewed by users. These definitions can be made to limit what is found in RSS FeedsContent CategoriesPlayer Groups and Playlist Categories.

For example, suppose that in 4YouSee Manager there are Content Categories A, B and C. You can define in the access restrictions that a certain user will only be able to see and manipulate Category A or Categories A and C. This same definition It can be applied to RSS Feeds, Players and Playlists.

A user may have a set of associated constraints, however it is not mandatory. When there is no set of access restrictions associated with it, it will be able to view and manipulate all existing account records as long as you have permission to access the modules.

To see the list of restrictions you must access the Settings menu (1) -> Access Restrictions (2)

See below an example:

access restrictions.png

On this screen you can see the existing access restrictions and you also have the option to delete, add and modify them.

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