How to Add/Modify Access Restrictions

Once you agree to an access restriction, the following window will appear.


In the first tab put the initial information about the restriction: Name and Description

Then click on Proceed or on one of the following tabs, RSS FeedsContentsPlayers or Playlists to configure the restrictions. A restriction must be applied to at least one of the categories and can be applied to all at the same time.

Attention: If you just fill out one type of restriction and leave the others blank, the user will be able to see all the empty records. For example, if only access restrictions to RSS feeds are configured, the user will be able to manipulate all the existing content, players, and playlists..

The RSS Feeds tab displays the list of feeds registered to your account that may be associated in this case with a restriction::


Locate the RSS Feeds you want the user to see in the box on the left, double-click and it will appear in the box on the right. In case you want to cancel access to a RSS Feed, locate it in the box on the right and double-click on it.

After selecting the Feeds, click on the Proceed button to include content categories in this set of access restrictions or click on the Add button to finish your configuration.

The content restriction is done at the category level. When accessing the Contents tab, a window similar to this will be displayed



Select the categories you want to allow the user to view. The user with this associated restriction will be able to see all the contents of the associated categories.

Click on the Proceed button to configure other restrictions or click on Add to complete the process.

Clicking on the Proceed button will bring up the options to restrict players:


Players are restricted at the group level. This way you can see the tree of groups of players to select the groups allowed in the restriction. The user will be able to see and manipulate all the players of the selected groups.

After selecting the groups, click on the Proceed button to configure playlist restrictions or click on the Add button to complete the process.

Clicking on the Proceed button will bring up the options to restrict the playlist as shown in the following image:


As in ContentsPlaylist restrictions are configured through categories.

The association of a category when creating one is not mandatory, but when using access restrictions, the playlist will need to be part of a category. In case you don't have it, in this part you will only see the playlists that have associated categories. After selecting the desired restrictions, click on the Add button.

A message will appear saying that it has been successfully added along with the list of access restrictions registered in the system.

After creating a restriction you can associate it with one or more users. For this, access the options to modify user and select this restriction. See how to perform this process in the tutorial Edit User from your Manager Account.

It is also possible to associate a restriction with a user when it is created. see how to create users in the tutorial Add Users to your Account.

To modify an Access Restriction, in the list where these appear, locate the line corresponding to the restriction you want to modify and in the operations column click on the modification icon . In the alteration window that will be displayed follow the same steps as mentioned above.

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