How to Add Templates

Templates are used by RSS news feeds to dynamically fill text and images. The use of templates allows the presentation of news to be dynamized, which favors the variation of information only with a little effort.

To add a new template click on News (1) > Templates (2) > Add (3) as the following picture shows:

rss template menu.png


add template.png

  • In Name (1) put the name that will identify the template in your account.
  • In the Size (Width X Height) field (2) place the dimensions of your template. Ex .: 1280x720 (Horizontal), 720x1280 (Vertical) or 1280x100 (horizontal news bar).
    • This dimension may not be exactly the same as the real one else the preview of the news within the manager, Example: If the dimension of the bar is 1920x160 and the dimensions of your screen where you have the 4YouSee Manager open in chrome is 1366x768. So The width of the bar (1920) is longer than the width of your screen (1366). In cases like this we recommend reducing the size equivalent of the template.
  • In Select File (3) find and select your template.
  • Click Add (4).

template add options.png

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