Create a Connector

What is a Connector?

The connectors are used by 4YouSee Manager to establish how the system will communicate with the place where the information is located. Some profiles are used for the following cases:

  • Get data from an XML that is in a private FTP.
  • Get data from an excel that is in the FTP of the 4YouSee Manager account.
  • Get data trough an API.
  • Get datade from an public XML, that does not have the common standard structure of RSS news.
  • Obtain data from a web page through regular expression, because the page does not have news RSS.
  • Get data from a database..

The accounts by default accounts come with a set of pre-configured connectors, however, you may have been guided in creating a new one.

To add a new Connector click on Data Sources (1) Connectors (2)


Then click on . Subsequently fill in the values according to the information that was shared before reaching this documentation, as shown in the example of the following animation:


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