What do I need to know about the hardware?

Hardware for digital signage

In order for you and your team to focus on earning money with your Digital Signage operation, one basic thing is that you have no problems with the equipment.

Equipment failures generate unforeseen costs, take a long time to resolve and generate losses due to their operation being interrupted.


Monitors instead of TV

Manufacturers of large screens have lines of professional monitors, with specific characteristics for digital signage and much more robust than the televisions that we find in shopping centers.

Although there are many TV operations today, we strongly recommend the use of professional LFD (Large Format Display) monitors. Currently the prices are already very close to those practiced in the sale of common televisions, for the same size.



To run your programming using 4YouSee, you will need a player (See: What is needed to install the player with 4YouSee).

For any of the available platforms (Android, Windows Or Linux), it is recommended that you use equipment approved by the 4YouSee engineering team.

Although there are no restrictions on what equipment will be used (as long as it meets the minimum specifications - See: Hardware Requirements), each time you use a new product line, we recommend that you check the operation before purchasing large quantities.

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