How to get a Token to integrate with the API of 4YouSee Manager

The integrations module is used to provide access to external applications that can interact with your account.

Example: You can create an application that sends content to your 4YouSee Manager account.

The case for our API is based on a unique character sequence called a "token" that will be used to identify your access. The integration process works through HTTP REST requests to our URL, For more technical details about these requisitions, access the documentation in our API, at: 4YouSee Manager API.


Creating an Integration

To create a new integration go to the menu Settings (1) Integrations (2) and click on the Add button.

add token.png

Follow the steps below to fill out the form:

  1. Put the Name of your integration.
  2. If necessary, fill in the Description field.
  3. Click on the Add button.

You will be redirected to the integration creation confirmation page. On this page the "token" created for external access will appear.

Attention: Do not share the token generated for your integration, and always keep it in a safe place to prevent access to your account by unauthorized people.

token generated.png

After generating the token, you will be able to use the API. For more information on the available functions and how to use them, access the 4YouSee Manager API.

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