Categories of Playlists

In this functionality it is possible to manage the categories that the associated playlists have, thus facilitating their organization.

Attention: It is important to highlight that this functionality is not a mandatory procedure.

In the main menu click ProgrammingPlaylists Playlists Categories.

categories of playlist.png

To add a category in the first level, just click on the Add Root Category .

The categories must have Name (required field) and Description.

To carry out operations in a category, you only have to click on its name.

The operations available for the categories are: Add (Add sublevels), Update and Delete.

A category can be divided into subcategories, thus containing several levels.

This structure can be modified according to your need.

How to Associate a Playlist to a Category

This procedure you can do at the moment you are creating a playlist or you are modifying it.

When you go to Save the playlist, a screen will appear asking for the name, also if it is going to be a subplaylist or not and then if you want to associate it with a category. So in this step is where you should search and select the category.

category of playlist.png

List of Playlists by Categories

Through this screen you will see a tree with your playlists grouped by categories.

In the main menu click Programming PlaylistsShow by Categories.

list by category of playlist.png

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