How to Set Up an Excel File as Data Source

To carry out this documentation, you must request to enable FTP for your account.


To configure it is necessary to continue with the following steps

  1. Create a Channel: This can be named "Excel" or "Excel Sales Information" for example.
  2. FTP Configuration and File Upload (.xls)
  3. Create and Configure a Data Source

2. FTP Configuration and File Upload

Let's start from the fact that we have an excel like the following::

You must download the Filezilla program to upload the excel file to FTP, for this access to and download the program according to your operating system. Once downloaded and installed, you must configure the account according to the credentials that the 4YouSee technical team sent you. This configuration is performed within FileZilla as shown in the following images::

configuracion de cuenta ftp_.png

When you have already entered your credentials as seen in the previous image, you must click on Connect.

Then, a window like the following will appear:

windows in filezilla.png

Where the fields mean the next:

  1. This part shows the status of the connection to the FTP. Here you will know if the connection with the FTP has been achieved or not.
  2. In this window you can browse the folders on your computer, basically it is the same file explorer that you can see here.
  3. When clicking on a folder in Area 2, the files and folder that are inside will appear here. For example, in the image the Dropbox folder is selected (Area #2), and in Area #3 the files inside Dropbox appear..
  4. Here the root directory of the FTP is shown, in this case because is new there is not folder or file appears.
  5. The contents of the selected folder in Area 4 are shown here. In the case of the image as there is no folder selected in Area 4, nothing is shown in Area 5.

In this way, you must select the file you want to upload to FTP. To do this, search for the file by browsing Area 2 and select it in Area 3, double-clicking on it. Then when this has been done it will appear in Area 5, as shown in the following image::

Attention: The file to load must be .xls, otherwise, when configured in 4YouSee Manager, it will not read it.


3. Create and Configure a Data Source

In your 4YouSee Manager account, once the channel is created and you managed to upload the image to FTP, you must go to Data Sources:


When all the data sources appear, click   and a set of options will appear that you must configure as shown in the following image:

excel data source.png

  1. Name of the data source.
  2. This URL must be typed with the following structure::
  • The username is the name you received in the FTP access credentials sent by our team.
  • After ftp/ the file path is placed and since in this case the file is directly at the root, the file name was simply placed

To conclude if everything is configured correctly you can click Query test and it should return something like the following:

Next we will select the variables that will use and must be mounted in the template. These variables must have the same name that was established in the template. For this go to Data Sources and then locate the newly created data source and click on  as shown in the following image: :

list of data sources.png

When the variables captured from the excel file previously uploaded to FTP appear, you can choose which ones you want for your template, bearing in mind that you must alter the name of the variable according to the one established at the time of template creation. In this example, only the value of 500 is chosen and the name of the variable is changed for "quantity" since this was the same variable name chosen in 4YouSee Designer.

Done, You can now assign your RSS feed the excel channel and then make it reflect in the player. 

If when modifying your file you want the changes to be reflected in the player, you must upload it again to FTP using Filezilla. These changes will be automatically reflected in up to 1 hour, however if you want them to be reflected earlier you can Download News in 4YouSee Manager to force this update.

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