How to Create Integrations with the Player API

The integrations module in the player, as well as in the manager, allows external applications to interact with the 4YouSee player to alter some behavior..

Example: Create an experience where through a camera with facial recognition it is possible to display specific content according to the genre you have identified.

To make this possible, some commands can be sent through the API of the player, such as pausing it, notifying which content was shown or even playing specific content from the playlist.

The integration process using the API follows the HTTP REST request standards which is widely known. Currently this API can only be used locally, that is, only on the same computer where the player is running. The URL used should be  http://localhost:48567, with 48567 being the default local access port for the API. Meanwhile, this port can be modified through the player settings

Some routes of this API need authentication via token, to obtain this token it is only necessary to access in your Manager account (being your player Online) in the menu Players (1) -> Players (2),

menu player.png

In the list of your players, locate the player who wishes to obtain the token. In the operations column click Options for 4YouSee Player and Configure Player (1).

settings of player.png

A page will open with the settings where the configured player is located, then the API Token will appear at the end of the window.

For more information about the player's API, access the link with the documentation.

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