How to disable Windows updates and notifications

Sometimes you may have some windows issues popping up in front of your 4YouSee Player in Windows, like notifications, autostart software, and others. To solve this problem, you need to do three settings on your Windows:

  1. Hide notifications;
  2. Disable programs that start automatically;
  3. Disable Windows Update.

After this configuration, your Player 4YouSee will be ready to use! See below how to do it.

We recommend before continuing with the following steps, create a restore point, like this:

How to create a restore point

First of all, creating a restore point is essential, follow the steps below

‚óŹ Find Create restore point (1) on the taskbar and select option from the results list.


  • On the System Protection (1) tab in System Properties, select Create (2).

  • Enter a description in the restore point and select Create (1) > Ok (2)


1. Hide Windows 7/8 notifications
To prevent other applications from displaying notifications by stopping the player screen, click the up arrow on the right of the taskbar next to the Windows clock and select the "Custom" option. Alternatively, you can access this screen from the control panel. Click the Windows button and open the Control Panel, click Appearance and then "Customize taskbar icons."

  • After clicking customize, the following screen appears:

In the Behaviors column, select Hide icon and notifications for all icons. In this way, the installed applications will not show notifications while the Player is running.


2. Disable programs that start automatically

In order for no program to interrupt the player while it is playing, you may need to disable programs that start automatically when you turn on your computer. To remove the autostart tasks, go to the "Start" menu, type "msconfig.exe" in the search field, and press "Enter."

  • The following screen is displayed. Click on the "Program Start" tab.

  • On this screen, uncheck all programs that start with Windows, except "Player 4YouSee"

IMPORTANT: Some installed programs (such as your antivirus software) may be important to the operation of your computer. In this case, if you choose to keep these programs on the autostart list, they may display messages on the screen or interrupt videos. We recommend that you configure these programs so that they do not display notifications or open screens while viewing the Player. To find out how to do this, see the software documentation or contact the vendor's technical support.

Disable Windows 10 notifications

Go to Start Menu > System> Notifications & Actions. In Notifications, disable all options, as in the image below:

  • The notifications icon will look like the image below.

3. Disable Windows Update

To avoid Windows updates, go to the Start menu, type services in the search field, and press Enter.

  • In the list of services, find and double-click Windows Update.
  • Click the Stop button to end the service.

  • In Startup type set to Disabled.

Done, you don't have to worry about automatic updates anymore.

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