How to Automatically Turn On or Off a Computer

This functionality is subject to the options that the BIOS has.

Turn on the computer automatically.

Turn on your computer and enter BIOS setup. To do this, you usually just press the Delete key while the computer is on. These are usually the "DEL", "F2", "F8" or "F12" keys), this will vary depending on the manufacturer. Look inside the BIOS setup for the power switch: Power Options and mark it as "On".


Shut down the computer automatically

Click the search icon and type Control Panel;


In the Control Panel, select the Administrative Tools option;

 Under Administrative Tools, select the Task Scheduler option;

Click Create Task;

In the General tab, assign a name to the task, check the Run option whether the user is logged in or not and check Run with highest privileges;



On the Triggers tab, click New;

Select the periodicity (in this case, daily), choose the start date and time when the shutdown should take place and check the Enabled option;


Click OK and make sure it is correct;

On the Actions tab, click New;

Select Start a program and in the Program/script option, type shutdown (in lower case);

Click OK and make sure it is correct;

On the Conditions tab, uncheck all options to make sure shutdown always occurs.

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