What you should know about 4YouSee Player on LG monitors

1. Compatible functionalities in LG monitors.

  • Videos
  • Carousels*.
  • HTML Contents (news, images, 4YouSee Designer)
  • Layouts.
  • Subplaylists.
  • Content scheduling..

*Although it is compatible with the player, when playing content that is inside the carousel, you can wake up to 2 seconds at the entrance and / or exit of the same.


2. Monitor limitations that should be considered when creating a playlist.

  • Videos must use the same encoding codec: The videos that 4YouSee Player will play on LG monitors must necessarily have the same codec. We recommend H.264.
  • Videos must have the same resolution The sequence of videos to be played must necessarily have the same resolutions.



  • Video must be the same size as the total screen area: If the video does not have the same proportion of available area, black lines can be seen on the sides of the fabric.



  • Black frames appear in carousel transition: Although it is compatible with the player, when playing content that is inside the carousel, you can expect up to black frames at the entrance and/or exit of the carousel.


  • Black frame appear at the end of a loop; Another limitation of the monitor is when a black frame appears at the end of the loop of a playlist.


One way to avoid this snap is to always add content with a different format at the end of the loop, Example:

>>>>Black Frame Appear


  • Black frame when there is one element in the playlist:



3. Recomendaciones para un mejor desempeƱo

  • HTML content execution: It is recommended that at the end of a playlist, add different content in the first or last position of the loop (item 2.5), that is, content of two types: news or image. By configuring your playlist in this way you will prevent your video playlist when being restarted from being displayed on the monitor by a GAP (black screen). This happens because at the end of each loop it is necessary to reprocess the contents that are going to be played in the playlist.
  • Running subplaylists: We recommend that subplaylists contain only videos. To avoid unexpected situations like a hustler between content transitions.
  • Layout display: LG monitors cannot resize videos outside of 16: 9 aspect ratios. If any content that is not in these proportions is linked, two black side bars will be shown. (Item 2.3)
  • Content scheduling: The programming will work correctly only with content for playlists that have loose elements. That is, avoiding content schedules that are within a carousel or subplaylists.


4. How to configure your playlist for optimal performance.

Avoid using subplaylists and carousels. Program content only in the videos that are in the root playlist, thus avoiding scheduling in subplaylists. Alternate the last videos in the sequence by placing a different format of penult and / or first. (Item 2.5)


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