What you need to know about the 4YouSee player on Samsung Monitors

Intermittent Internet Connection

In order for the player to start automatically in a place with intermittent internet, after its installation, the link http://dl.4usee.com/sim or http://dl.4usee.com/tizen must be removed from the Change URL option.

Attention: If the URL http://dl.4usee.com/sim or http://dl.4usee.com/tizen is removed, the player will not update automatically, and whenever a new version is released you must update it manually. 


Player Version Update

In order for the player to be updated, you must place the URL again in the Change URL option.

Attention: In case the URL is still in the Change URL option, the player will update automatically. However, in case the monitor does not verify if it has internet when it is turned on, the player will not start. This behavior is a limitation of Samsung screens.


Playing Videos With Audio

On Samsung monitors with SSSP 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 when the screen is in horizontal orientation, the videos in odd positions in the sequence of the playlist, will reproduce the audio, as shown in the following image.


According to this image, the videos will sound the times they are green. This behavior is a limitation of Samsung screens.


Screen In Totem Position (Vertical)

In case the Samsung screen is in Vertical position on monitors with SSSP 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, there will be a jitter of up to 1 second in the video transitions for video. This behavior happens due to a hardware limitation of the Samsung screens.

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