Installing 4YouSee Player on a Samsung Smart Monitor with Tizen

Before continuing with the installation it is important to know what Tizen is using your monitor, so check out the following documentation: List of Samsung Monitors, in case of not finding your monitor series in this list you should search it on the web page of Samsung.

This manual will help you to install the 4YouSee player on monitors with 2.4, 3.0 and 4.0.
The 4YouSee Player that will be installed has Version 2.7.9

 1. Features

In this first version, we put at the disposal of a digital signage player the most basic set of functions. The subsections will list the characteristics admitted and not admitted in this version.

Supported Features

  • Execution of vieos.
  • Execution de carousels.
  • Execution of subplaylists.
  • Scheduling contents.
  • Report of playlogs.
  • Report of logs of download of contenidos.
  • Real time monitoring.

Unsupported features::

  • Execution of News.
  • Execution of Layouts.
  • Execution of HTML Content.
  • Execution of images.
  • Execution of Synchronized Contents.
  • Brightness Control.
  • Scheduling for ON/OFF trough the player.
  • Screenshot
  • Remote Configuration : Restart Player or TV.
  • Corporate Radio
  • Using the player's API.

2. Limitations

We currently have problems with Samsung monitors with Tizen.

  • Outdated firmware.
  • Monitors loses reference of the close and the hour.
  • Maximum resolution allowed by video is 1920x1080 (Horizontal) or 1080x1920 (Vertical).

 Outdated firmware

Some monitors have outdated versions of their firmware, with some bugs in the monitor's own API identified. Therefore, it is always recommended to use the most current version of your monitor firmware. Unfortunately, Samsung does not maintain a repository with a list of monitors and their latest firmware. We have the firmwares but actual updates of the models of monitors:

To update the firmware, it is necessary to download the zip and unzip it into a USB stick and then follow the sequence of continuous steps in this link on how to update the monitor. It is worth remembering that this is a delicate process, so we recommend that the update be done with the monitor connected to a UPS.


Monitor missing close/hour reference

Problem identified only in the QB43R monitor with Tizen 4.0, but there is a risk that occurs in other models. Sometimes, when the monitor is connected to the Internet. When this occurs, the monitor will use the reference reference as of 12/31/1969. The player to avoid this problem using the closed / internal time of the monitor when it identifies itself. Therefore, it is important that the internal closing of the monitor is configured correctly.

3. Instalation

To install, just press the Home key on the remote control and enter the URL Launcher item.

Then enter the item Install Web App and insert the installation URL for the 4YouSee player: 

The installation of the player opens automatically, only with the insertion of the data of the account url and player id.

To navigate between fields, you only have to use the arrows on the remote control and the central button Ok.

In case you need to change the orientation of the monitor, follow the next documentation: How to Change the Orientation of Monitors Samsung with Tizen

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