How to update the firmware of a LG Professional TV

The firmware update is needed to:

  • Correction of bugs identified by the manufacturer;
  • Maintain monitor stability;
  • It makes the execution of Player 4YouSee more stable and smooth.

In case the firmware update has not been carried out, the 4YouSee Player may not have the expected behavior.


  • To carry out the process, you will need a pendrive with 2Gb preferably available or newly formatted.
  • Download the SOC (firmware) version, in the links below, according to the TV model purchased.


WebOS 2.0 ModelsSOC Version
SM3B, SM5B, SM5KBv03.80.20
 22SM3B, 49/55UH5Bv03.80.20

Create a folder named LG_MONITOR in the root folder of your pendrive. Copy the file with the .epk extension, just downloaded, into the LG_MONITOR folder.

How to update the TV

Plug the USB stick into the USB port of the LG TV, Wait 15 seconds until the firmware update screen appears automatically. In case the update screen does not appear, follow the next steps.

  • Press the key Settings in the remote control.
  • Go to Advanced Settings then to General;
  • Press the key number 7 , seven times.


Seleccione la actualizaciĆ³n disponible.

Click on UPDATE. Wait until the TV is completely updated.

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