How to update the firmware of the Samsung professional monitor

To install 4YouSee on the Samsung built-in player monitor, the firmware (the software that controls the Samsung hardware) must be updated. See below how to perform this procedure on the monitor.


  • To carry out the process, you will need a pendrive with 2 GB available;
  • Preferably the pendrive must be freshly formatted.
  • Download the required firmware version from the links below, according to the monitor model purchased.
Monitor SamsungSoC Version
Models DB*D 
 32, 40, 42, 48 and 55 inchesv1037.1
 22 inches v1037.1
 10 inches  v1011.0
 Models DM*D 
 40, 48, 55, 65, 75 inches v1038.0
Models DB*E e DM*E 
All the dimensionsv1027.6

Unzip the .ZIP file you just downloaded.

Attention: after unzipping the .ZIP file, you must create a folder with the following structure:
One folder called T-GFSLDDWWC or T-GFSLD1AKUC or T-GFSLE2AKUC (the name of this folder will depend on the monitor model) and inside this folder you must place the images folder and the info.txt file.

For DB * D model monitors with sizes: 22 ', 32', 40 ', 48' and 55 ', and also for the DM * D model in sizes: 40', 48 ', 55', 65 'and 75', rename the folder to T-GFSLDDWWC. For size: 10 ', rename the folder to T-GFSLD1AKUC.

If the model is DB * E or DM * E, the folder name must be: T-GFSLE2AKUC

Attention: if after unzipping the .ZIP file the structure described above is not respected, your monitor will not recognize the correct path to reach the files and, as a result, you will not be able to update the firmware of your monitor.

After renaming the folder, copy it to the root of the newly formatted flash drive.

How to update the monitor

  • Connect the USB memory to the USB port of the monitor.
  • Press the Menu key on the remote control and then scroll to the Support option.

  • Among the options, select the item Software Update.

  • Select the Update Now option and press the OK key on the remote control..

  • You will be asked to confirm the update, select the Yes option and click Ok on the remote control..

Wait until the monitor is updated.

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