Important Settings and Commands Linux

The 4YouSee Player is installed in the user's home folder, inside the .4yousee folder. To view it, you need to enable the display of hidden folders, use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + H) for this functionality.



Features of the Robot (Robot is like an assistant that helps the player to have behaviors)

  • The robot starts as soon as the machine is turned on, which starts the player.
  • The robot restarts the player within a maximum of 2 minutes after detecting that it has closed.
  • Robot brings the player's window to the front.
  • The robot should check for updates to the player, download and install them.
  • the robot can close processes that are running in the background.
  • The robot records operational logs, they are located in the file 4youseeRobot.log (1) in the folder .4yousee.


This file has the following information:

  • INFO::::: 4YouSee Robot SETUP - Indicates that the robot dependencies have been installed;
  • INFO::::: 4YouSee Robot WORKING - Indicates that the Robot was started;
  • INFO::::: 4YouSee Robot STOPPED - Indicates that the Robot was paused;
  • INFO::::: 4YouSee Chrome player for Digital Signage STARTED - Indicates that the Player was started;
  • INFO::::: Could not open the 4yousee Player. Player not found - Indicates that the Robot did not find the Player;

The robot must read the parameters from a configuration file. The settings are stored in the settings.ini (1) file in the .4yousee folder. Double-click the file to open it.


Definition of parameters:

  • intervalCheckPlayerState: Defines in seconds the time interval during which the Robot verifies the status of the Player: if it is open, width, height, position (top, left) and number of Players.
  • autoUpdatePlayer: Enable or disable Player updates.
  • autoUpdateRobot: Enable or disable Robot updates.
  • mouse: It is used to configure the movement of the mouse;
    • move: Enable or disable to move the mouse. By default, this parameter is enabled.
    • position: The user can choose the position that he wants the mouse to be. If the position is not specified, the mouse pointer will be in the center of the screen. The settings are:
      • x: Horizontal position where the mouse will be;
      • y: Vertical position where the mouse will be.
  • players: Allows the creation of multiple Players on the same machine. For more information on this feature, read the article How to configure multiple Players in Linux.
  • processtoKill : Allows you to list the processes you want the robot to close
  • fullScreen: Enable or disable Player expands to full screen.
  • updateInterval: Defines in hours the time interval that the robot checks if it is necessary to update the Player and the robot. The minimum value for this setting is 12 hours.


To make changes, simply edit the file in the fields you want to change and click save.


Configuration changes are reflected only after restarting the Robot.

Commands to restart the 4YouSee Robot:

  1. Using Ubuntu 14.04
    initctl --session restart 4youseeRobot
  2. Using Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04
    systemctl --user restart 4youseeRobot

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