Important Settings and Commands Windows

4YouSee Player works together with a Robot. The Robot's responsibility is to monitor the player and ensure its correct operation.

Robot Features for 4YouSee Player on Windows

The Robot performs the following functions:

  • The robot starts with the computer and starts the player.
  • It is responsible for restarting the player the player in up to 2 minutes after detecting that it was closed.
  • Bring the player window to the foreground.
  • Check the player updates, download and install them.

The Robot in Windows has some parameters that can be modified. To modify these parameters follow the instructions below.

Right-click on the 4YouSee Player icon.

A menu will appear with the following options:

The following parameters are defined:

  • The Update Player Interval parameter defines in hours the time interval that the Robot checks for updates to the player and the Robot as well. To configure the desired time, place the cursor on Update Player Interval (1), for configuration options (2). Then click on the desired time.

  • The Auto updates parameter defines whether the Robot will perform updates to it and the Player. When placing the cursor on this parameter Auto Updates (1) a menu will appear with the options Disabled for player and Disabled for Robot (2), click on the option you want to disable.
    • The Disabled for player option disables updates to the Player;
    • The Disabled for robot option disables updates to the Robot;


  • The Player Check Interval parameter defines the time interval in minutes in which the Robot will execute its actions, within them restart the player and place it in the foreground. To configure it in the desired time, place the cursor on the Player Check Interval option (1), so that the configuration options appear, and then set the desired time (2).

  • The FullScreen parameter defines if the Robot will expand the player for full screen or if there are more monitors available, it will expand it for all of them. To enable this function click on the parameter FullScreen (1). When this function is enabled, the parameter is selected. To disable it again click on the parameter.

For Led panels there is a specific configuration, to know more, read the following tutorials Configure Layout Areas

  • The Hide Mouse parameter defines whether the robot is going to hide the mouse. For this he moves the cursor to the center of the screen and hides it. By default, this parameter is enabled. To disable this function, click on the Hide Mouse (1) parameter. To enable it, click on the parameter again..

  • The Pause function, pauses the responsibilities of the Robot (fullscreen, hides the cursor, checks for updates, displays the player in the foreground on the screen) is ideal when performing maintenance on the computer. Click on the parameter Pause (1) to enable this function. When this function is enabled, the parameter is selected. To disable it, click on the parameter again.

  • The Players Function allows the configuration of several players on the same computer. When you place the cursor over the Player (1) option, a menu will appear with the options for the number of players (2). To know more about this function you can consult it in How to configure Multiple Players in Windows.

  • The Reload Settings function allows you to reload the parameter changes made manually in the settings.json file without having to close the Robot. So if you have modified something in the file, click on Reload Settings (1) to update.


  • The Hide Bar feature allows you to hide the Windows taskbar and block any notifications displayed through it. Select Hide Bar to hide the bar, to re-enable the taskbar "momentarily" simply press the Win + Shift + Y keys or run the "Show Windows Menu" file that will be added to the desktop by activating the Hide bar option. 


  • The Quit function closes the Robot, but the 4YouSee Player continues to work. After the Robot closes, the 4YouSee Player icon disappears from the windows taskbar. To activate this function click on Quit (1).



To restart the Robot and make the 4YouSee Player icon appear on the taskbar again, click on the 4YouSee Player icon on the desktop.



Operations Log

The 4YouSee Player Robot in Windows is installed in the .4yousee (1) folder, inside the C:\\Users\<nome-user>\.4yousee\ or in C:\ folder.

Said Robot records operating logs, these are found in the 4youseeRobot (1) file in the 4.yousee folder. Double click on the file to open it.

This file contains the following information:

  • INFO::::: 4YouSee Robot SETUP - Indicates that the Robot dependencies were installed;
  • INFO::::: 4YouSee Robot WORKING - Indicates that the Robot started;
  • INFO::::: 4YouSee Robot STOPPED - Indicates that the Robot stopped;
  • INFO::::: 4YouSee Chrome player for Digital Signage STARTED - Indicates that the Player started;
  • INFO::::: Could not open the 4yousee Player. Player not found - Indicates that the Robot did not find the player;

The Robot must read parameters from a configuration file. The settings are stored in the Settings.json (1) file in the .4yousee folder. Double click on the file to open it.

The following parameters are defined in the settings.json file:

  • AutoUpdatePlayer: Enable or disable player updates;
  • AutoUpdateRobot: Activate or deactivate robot updates;
  • FullScreen: Activates or deactivates expanding the player for full screen;
  • HideBar: enable or disable the option to hide the taskbar;
  • IntervalCheckPlayerState: Defines in seconds the time interval that the Robot verifies the status of the player: if it is open, width, height, position (top, left) and number of players;
  • Mouse: Used to configure the movement of the mouse;
    • Move: Activates or deactivates to move the cursor. By default, this parameter is activated;
    • Position: The user can choose the position that he wants the mouse to be, if the position is not specified, the cursor will be in the center of the screen. The configuration is like this:
      • X: Horizontal position where the cursor will be;
      • Y: Vertical position where the cursor will be;
  • Players: Allows the creation of several players on the same computer. To know more about this you can see the tutorial on How to Configure Multiple Players in Windows
  • UpdateInterval: Defines in hours the time interval that the Robot checks if it is necessary to update the Player and the Robot. The minimum value for this setting is 12 hours;

Parameter modifications can be made by this file. Just edit it and save the file. In case the Robot is being executed at the time of alteration of this file, click once it has finished in Reload Settings in the Robot menu, so that the changes are taken into account.

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