How to configure the Player in Windows/Linux

When starting the 4YouSee Player for the first time in Linux / Windows it will be necessary to carry out the configuration in two steps.


Step 1

The first step is to define a folder where the 4YouSee Player Linux / Windows will store the files necessary for its operation.

This step consists of the Player downloading the information it receives from the 4YouSee Manager to your computer and thus guaranteeing its operation in the event that there is no Internet.

Just by clicking on the Choose button


Select the folder where you want the files to be saved and then click OK. Could be Documents/.

To exit the setup screen, simply minimize the screen.

Paso 2

The second part of the configuration is to define the identification parameters of the player. To obtain this information, access 4YouSee Manager in the Players -> Players menu.

what should type on installation.png

Then the information that you must type in the player appears

instalation parameters.png

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