How to configure multiple players in Windows

Attention: For the execution of more than 1 player on a computer, the hardware requirements will increase proportionally to the number of players you will have on the same computer.

This guide will teach you how to configure various players on a computer with Windows operating system. To configure more than 1 player, you must follow the steps shown below. Then right click on the 4YouSee icon displayed on the taskbar.

And the following menu will be displayed.

Choose the Players option (1), and in the menu that appears, select the option that you want according to the number of players that you want to configure on your computer. (Ex: 2 Players, 3 Players or more)

In case you want more than 4 players, select the Custom option (3), and thus you can configure more than 4 Players. You should keep in mind that the hardware will be more demanded by more players running on the computer. When selecting the Custom option, a window will be displayed, then type the number of players you want to configure (1) and click OK (2).

In this way, once you have chosen the number of players you want for your machine, we now proceed to close the player as shown in the following image and after 2 minutes (default time for the player to appear each time it is closed) This will be opened along with the respective number of players that you chose in the previous step..

Note: If you had not configured your player 1, you should still close it and automatically after 2 minutes (default time for the player to appear each time it is closed) it will be displayed on the screen, as shown in the following image.

To know how to configure a player, I recommend reading the article How to Configure 4YouSee Player in Linux/Windows

Meanwhile, in order to have organized the content that the player will download, we recommend creating a folder for each player in Documents with intuitive names that allow identifying the player's files. For example, if we are going to configure 6 players with the following IDs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. We can create the folder of each player (1) with the following name player-1, ..., player-6.

After this stage, we return to the player. Click on "Choose" and select the folder we just created Folder (1) corresponding to each player and click OK (2). Then, we enter the URL of the account and the ID of the player, previously configured in the Manager.

Important: Each player must have a different ID (1). And generally speaking, an ID cannot be configured on more than one machine.

Now that you have established the players with your account and ID, locate them on the screen with the dimensions you want.

Configure the Player port

You need to configure the port of each player and for this you must follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Click on the Settings icon (1).

In the configuration window that is shown, we can see at the end of this the number of the port where the HTTP Server field is.

The default number of all the players that have been configured is 48567 and for this configuration of multiple players, the port number cannot be repeated.


  • Step 2: So we leave the first player with that port number. 48567.
  • Step 3For the following players the later numbers in the sequence are used. For example, we are going to configure 6 players with the following ports 48567, 48568, 48569, 48570, 48571 and 48572.

Just as the following image shows.

In this same menu of player settings we can also give the size of the player and the location. These options are in the Windows Size and Windows Position (1) area.

So far the 6 players I have just configured have the following location and dimension.


  • Step 4: Then, and finally, enter the .4yousee (1) folder located inside the user folder (C:\Users\<username>\.4yousee).


  • Step 5: Open the settings.json file.


  • Step 6: Edit the settings.json (1) file according to the settings shown in the player (2) settings window.

As indicated in the example below (player 1 settings):

Make this configuration for each payer, placing port (1), width (2), height (3), left (4) and top (5).

As the example below indicates:


  • Step 7: Save the file..
  • Step 8: Click on Reload Settings (1) for the players to update the settings.

Ready, now that all the players loaded they are ready even if you restart the computer they will load in those positions and with their respective dimensions.

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