What should I need to know about the Internet Connection?

To have a modern and efficient Digital Signage operation, it will be necessary to update your points remotely and for this your Players must have internet access.

Some factors need to be well understood.


  • Connection Types
    To operate with 4YouSee you can use any type of connection on the market, from low or medium-speed domestic connections, to highly available connections and dedicated channels, as well as connections based on GSM chips, known as EDGE, 3G and 4G.


  • Connection Speed
    The speed of your connection in practice does not define whether or not you will be able to use that connection with 4YouSee. Speed determines how long changes made in 4YouSee Manager are received by 4YouSee Player. If your connection is very slow, it will take a little longer for new content to be downloaded by the player. 4Yousee recommends using a bandwidth of at least 4Mb / s in download speed. If you organize yourself to not urgently load content and your videos are not very big, a simple connection will be enough for your project.


  • Without connection
    4YouSee will NOT stop working in case there is no internet connection. All the displayed content is saved on your player before you start displaying it. In case there is no connection, your player will not receive the updates, however it will not stop showing the contents that you have downloaded from the server. When the connection returns again, the player will receive the updates from the 4YouSee Manager and the 4YouSee Player will send the display log information to the 4YouSee servers, reflecting this in the 4Yousee Manager panel.


  • Ports and Connections
    To use all 4YouSee resources, ports 80, 443, 3000 and 3001 need to be open on your router / modern.

In case you use proxy or firewall on your network, in addition to freeing the ports, you need to free the IP referring to your 4YouSee account.

Example of accounts: https://4usee.com/my_account or https://my_account.4yousee.com.br.
You also need to unlock the following domains: https://s3.amazonaws.com, https://files.4yousee.com.br http://pypi.python.org/ and http://files.pythonhosted.org/

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