FAQ about Samsung monitors

How to evaluate if my monitor has the correct firmware version?

To see what firmware version of your Samsung monitor, follow the steps below:

  • On the remote control, press the Home button.

Then select the More Settings option..

Select Support> Software Update.

In Current Version: You can see what version of your monitor's firmware has.

In many cases a firmware update is required. The following manual shows the correct firmware version for each monitor and also the procedure required to update it.

How to update the firmware of the Samsung professional monitor


My player only shows the 4YouSee logo with the message "Loading files"

4Yousee Player has a panel with player records, through which it is possible to track the execution of each player process. With the player running, on the remote control for the monitor, press keys 1, 2 and 3.
A white screen will appear over the player with some information. Take a photo of the legible information and send it to support@4yousee.com for the 4YouSee team to acces the cause of this behavior



To remove this white screen, simply press the 1 key on the remote. If the displayed messages are similar to the following example;

Content Invalid: video error on play i_XX.mp4
video error; undefined

The above message indicates that the player cannot play the i_XX.mp4 video. There are some procedures to perform that can solve the problem.


In the first hypothesis:

The video has a very high resolution above full-hd. It is recommended that any content produced for Samsung monitors be optimally optimized as monitors have limited hardware capabilities. So if you need to convert videos and do compression, here are some software examples that can be used for content conversion:


In the second hypothesis:

This behavior can be observed in places where the Internet connection is intermittent. At the moment when the player tried to download the file, there was an intermittent connection to the internet and the file got corrupted.

In this case, follow the process below;
With the player running, press the Ok key on the remote control..

The 4YouSee player options menu will appear.


Press the Red key (A) on the remote control; All settings and files on the player will be deleted. Re-enter your account details into the account URL and Player ID and click Confirm> Launch PlayerThe player will download the file again.


Menu options of the Samsung Player;

OK key - Open the Player menu;

Red Key - Delete all settings and files from the player;

Green Key - Change the orientation of the monitor from landscape to portrait;

Yellow Key - Turns off the monitor;

Blue Key - Player configuration information.


The monitor does not play videos with audio

On Samsung monitors, only videos distributed in odd positions will play audio.


Please note that this behavior is a limitation of the Samsung monitor.

Monitor in vertical position

If the Samsung monitor is in the (portrait) position, there will be a flash of up to 1 second in video-to-video transitions. This behavior is caused by a hardware limitation of the Samsung monitor.

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