Videowall does not sync

When a  synchronized Videowall does not work , you should consider the following points:

  • Player ports must be different if they are on the same PC.
  • The Playlist of the Players of both the Master and the Slaves must be valid.
  • From the slave, access http://<ip_del_master>:4321Eg: is the IP of the master. If a message like the one in the following image does not appear, it means that there is no connection between that slave and the master.

This message indicates that if there is communication between the slave and the master (

  • Network and/or Internet:
    • Change of IP of the Player Master. (Verify that it is equal to the IP configured in the Manager)
    • Ping between the PCs.
    • Telnet between PCs:
      • To telnet between the computers that are part of a video wall, you must type  telnet <ip_do_máster> 4321at the command prompt. Ex.:  telnet 4321being the IP of the master. Obs.: In some cases it is necessary to enable telnet on the slave and on the master. How to enable Telnet in Windows . The following is displayed:  Connecting to was not possible to establish a connection with the host, on port 432. It is because the master is preventing the connection with its slave. In case this happens, follow the process indicated in the next step.
  • Add on the 4YouSee Sync master through the Windows Defender Firewall. Here are the steps to perform this process:
    • 1. Find Windows Defender Firewall.
    • 2. Choose the option Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall .
    • 3. Click  on Change settings and then on  Allow another application... .
    • 4 and 5. Browse and choose 4YouSee Sync in the folder C:\Program Files(x86)\f6systems\4YouSeeSyncServer\
    • 6. Add app . Finally you must close and open 4YouSee Sync.



  •  The Slaves have not yet downloaded the sync files.
  • If it is wired, check that you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Please review the contents as they can be heavy on the PC at times and this causes a delay that affects the sync. If content hangs when played outside of the Player, it must be rendered with Handbrake (excluding audio and subtitle channels if you have one)
  • [On Linux] Reinstall 4YouSee Sync and you must be root. (sweat su)
  • [On Linux] Restart PC

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