What is needed to install a player with 4YouSee

1. Equipment

  • Screen: The information of your Player can be shown on different screens, such as televisions, or LED monitors, videowalls or LED panels.
  • Player: It needs to be a computer connected to your screen, sending a video signal for it. That equipment can be Android, Windows, Linux Or the screen itself as is the case of LG and Samsung. This way, make sure you have installed the compatible version of the 4YouSee Player software on your computer.


2. Connectivity

In order for 4YouSee to work properly, an internet connection must be available on your Player. For this to connect to 4YouSee Manager and thus receive programming updates, and make the respective download of their videos, images, music, etc.


3. Services

In order for you to have a quality installation in your player, you may require the hiring of installation services for support, cabling, network infrastructure, among others.

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