What to check on your device in case of problems with 4YouSee Player

If you have an issue with your player stopping playing content, it is important to check a few things on your device to make sure it is not hardware or infrastructure issues that the player is running on.

Items to be verified:

1. Internet connection
If your player has stopped playing content or has stopped sending view logs to the 4YouSee Manager, this may be due to internet connection problems.

Here are a few things to check:

  • If your player has remote access (eg TeamViewer), try connecting to it to see if there are any connection problems.
  • When you access to the device, open a browser and go to https://www.google.com/ to test if you can  access the Internet.
  • When accessing to the computer, open a browser and go to http://www.4yousee.com/ to ensure that your Internet connection is not blocking connections to 4YouSee.
  • If your player is inside a proxy or firewall network, make sure the correct addresses and ports are not accessible.
  • If your player is within a network with a proxy or firewall, also make sure that there are no blocks for any specific file extension such as mp4, zip, jpg, json, xml, etc.

2. Hardware features

If your player has stopped playing content or is playing black flashes, or is blocking video, this may be because your device is overloaded by an application that is consuming a lot of system memory or processing.

Here are a few things to check:

  • Open task manager and look for programs running in the background with high CPU and / or memory consumption.
  • If you find that any application is consuming a lot of memory and/or CPU, please close the application to check if it solves the problem.
  • If an application that consumes a lot of memory and/or CPU is important for your computer (for example, firewalls, antivirus, monitoring systems, etc.), it is important to consider increasing the memory of your computer or replacing it with a more powerful computer.
  • See if you have any applications that read or write too much to your hard drive (HD).

3. Other problems

Please see our Troubleshooting section where you can find other checks to perform if you are having trouble viewing content on your 4YouSee Player.

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