My Player doesn't Download Content

In your 4YouSee account:


1. Verify that your account ID and URL have been set up correctly on the device.

To evaluate the correct URL and ID. Go to your account and verify the id and URL of the same. In the next example we are talking about a Player with ID 1 belonging to the account


parameters of instalation.png 

2. You must check if all the contents of the playlist associated with the player's playlist have a valid time.

If all content is programmed invalid, 4YouSee player will not display any content. To verify this, an icon appears next to the playlist alerting you to the status of said playlist. Remember that the playlist should not be empty, but the black screen will be displayed on your player



3. Check if the computer has an internet connection;

The following manual provides important information about connecting to the Internet. What should I know about the Internet connection?



  • Android Devices.

1. On the device, make sure the time is correct;

If your Android device has the wrong time, it will not display any video that contains a schedule. The following link provides more important information about the Android player. Frequently Asked Questions about Android Player


  • Monitores integrados LG y Samsung

1. Video encoding is not H.264.

The 4Yousee Player for Integrated Monitors does not play videos that are not in H.264 encoding.

Your 4YouSee Manager account by default always converts video content to H.264 encoding, but it is always recommended that the video content before uploading to your 4YouSee account is already in H.264 encoding.


2. The audio encoding is invalid;

The 4Yousee Player for Integrated Monitors does not play videos that have an audio encoding other than MP3 (MPEG-1/2 Audio). All videos must have this encoding. It is always recommended that if the video is not required to have audio, the audio channel of the video should be removed.


3. The video resolution is higher than full-hd (1920X1080);

Videos are not recommended to have a higher resolution than full-hd. Because the hardware capabilities of these monitors are limited, all videos should be optimized as much as possible.


4. Monitor firmware is out of date;

It is strongly recommended that the firmware of the integrated monitors is always updated. Whenever the manufacturer detects errors or improvements that are made to the monitors, a new firmware will be released to the monitors.

How to update the firmware of the LG Professional TV or How to update the firmware of the SAMSUNG Professional TV


5. The sequence of the video playlist is not correct;

LG monitors have a particularity, which is why all video content is reproduced. When creating the playlist, these videos must have the same video and audio resolution, size and encoding.


6. WebOS version of LG monitors;

4YouSee player must be installed from WebOS version 2.0, 4YouSee player is not compatible with previous versions.

If your monitor is of a version earlier than 2.0, you will need to request 4YouSee support for a special version.


If even after all the above checks happen, we recommend that you contact 4YouSee support so the technical team can verify why.

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