The video does not play in the Player

If the video doesn't play in the Player, you first need to know if it generates the  Untitled.pngrecord type; If so, you must:

  • See if the file runs normally in Manager.
  • Play the file locally on the PC where the Player is located.
  • Transfer the file to your PC and play it. If it plays without problems, then the device does not support playing that video:
  • Put the file through HandBrake and remove the audio track, if possible.
  • Monitor the bitrate and framerate compared to other videos in the playlist(Playlist).

If the video doesn't register  Untitled.pngand just won't play, you should:

  • See if the Player has downloaded the video.
    • Yes Yes:
      • Try to put other content, if that other content touches, then you should analyze the properties of the "problematic" content. You might consider using Handbrake to handle this content. In some cases in the equipment the contents are not reproduced by a resolution not supported by the equipment or by the codec as well. 
      • If the video is unique in the playlist (Playlist) , you can remove it from the playlist, save the playlist, add it to the playlist and save it again.
    • If not:

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