FAQ about LG Monitors

1. ¿How to evaluate if my monitor has the correct firmware version?.

Use of the correct firmware version is required to:

  • Correction of errors identified by the manufacturer;
  • Maintain the stability of the monitor;
  • Make 4YouSee Player run more stable and fluid.

If the firmware update is not performed, 4YouSee Player will not behave as expected. On the remote control, press the HOME key to see all the options for your monitor.

Then navigate to Settings and press the Ok button on the remote..

Evaluate the information displayed in the Software Version field..

To verify that your monitor has the correct SOC (firmware) version, go to the following link and compare the firmware version in the table according to the monitor model you purchased.

How to update the firmware of the LG professional monitor


2. ¿How do I evaluate if my monitor is running the correct version of 4YouSee Player?

With the player running, press the 4 (Information) button to view the information.

 To evaluate the current version of 4YouSee Player in your account, in the main menu, click Players (1) > Downloads (2). 


Si su monitor no tiene la versión actualizada de 4YouSee Player, simplemente vuelva a realizar el proceso de instalación para actualizar la versión de 4YouSee player.

Installing 4YouSee Player for LG Smart Monitor


3. My Player only shows the 4YouSee logo with the message "Loading files"

You must verify that all the contents of the playlist associated with the player have an invalid schedule. If all the content is programmed in an invalid way, 4YouSee player will not display any content.

To rate this, in the main menu of your 4YouSee account, click Players > Players. In the row of the Player you want to click on the playlist associated with the player to edit.


4. The monitor does not play videos with audio

Check the volume level of your monitor.

Attention: Videos must be standardized with the same audio codec.
The supported audio codecs are: aac, mp4, x-m4a, mpeg, x-mpeg, x-mp3 and mp3.


5. Videos are shown with black stripes

The LG monitor only displays videos in 16: 9 aspect ratio.

Examples: 1920x1080 or 1280x720.

If the videos on the screen do not belong to this resolution, the screen stretches the video in the total available area and will calculate the proportion available for the video.

For videos other than 16: 9, only part of the video will be displayed in the available content area.


It is recommended that if it contains a 16: 9 aspect ratio and changes with the layout, the main area to play video from is a 16: 9 aspect ratio.


6. Player never plays on playlist

In the manual below there is important information on how to set up playlists on LG monitors. The Player goes black after starting to play a video

The LG player needs the videos to be at least 30fps, otherwise the monitor will not be able to play the video successfully.

Suggested parameters for video creation:

  • Frames per second: 30 fps.
  • Video format: 1280x720.
  • Rendering: H-264.
  • H-264 is a standard for video compression based on MPEG-4 Part 10 or AVC (Advanced Video Coding).
  • Video extension: .MP4

7. Player settings options

By pressing the 0 key on the remote control, the Player 4YouSee settings menu is opened.

In this menu it is possible to turn off all the settings and files of the Player 4YouSee, change the orientation of the monitor (Horizontal or Vertical), turn off the monitor and display the information of the Player settings.


  • Key 1 - Turn off all the Player settings and files. By pressing the 1 key on the remote control, all the settings previously made and all the files downloaded by the player will be deleted.

    In this case it will be necessary to redo the Player configuration.

  • Key 2 - Change the orientation of the monitor from horizontal to vertical In Landscape, the player is set to display content horizontally. In Portrait or Portrait, the player is set to display content vertically. 

  • Key 3 - Turn off the monitor.

  • Key 4 - Displays the information of the Player settings.

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