Done !, save the changes by clicking Update. Remember that only the master player will own the playlist that was created, slaves can own their own playlist.

After these changes you must configure the machines of the master and slave players and mount the scrutiny to see if the previous configurations were made satisfactorily.

See article to know how to set up the settings


Content Restrictions for Videowalls

Some restrictions apply when working with synchronized videowalls. We list them below.

  • For videowall content, you can only use videos. You cannot post news, HTML content, flash, or carousels.
  • Do not put HTML content / News with zero time before videowall content in the playlist. If it is important for you to use HTML / News in your playlists that contain videowall, it is necessary that the time that you set when adding the content is exactly the time of the HTML / News.
  • If you use 4YouSee Designer templates for News feeds in the playlist together with the videowall, the standard 4YouSee Manager news time must be the same as the one you have configured for your 4YouSee Designer template.