How to End Processes On Linux/Windows

Among the functions of the robot is one to end some processes that the user wants.

To end a process, it is necessary to edit the settings.json file (located in the ./User/.4yousee folder or in C:\.4yousee) and add the processToKill key, and next to it a list of the processes that you want to end; To add a new process, the name must be enclosed in quotation marks ("") and separated by commas (,), except for the last item in the list, these are ended every time the robot validates if the Player is open.

Below is an example of a settings.json file with a list of processes to close:

{    "autoUpdatePlayer": true,    "autoUpdateRobot": true,    "fullScreen": false,    "intervalCheckPlayerState": 120,    "mouse": {        "move": true    },    "updateInterval": 12,    "processToKill": [        "notepad.exe",        "MusNotifyIcon.exe",        "MusNotification.exe"    ] }

The processes that the robot is going to close are: the notepad (notepad.exe) and those that generate the pending updates icon in the windows taskbar (MusNotifyIcon.exe, MusNotification.exe), according to the previous example (inside the processToKill key).

For Linux users it is important to remember that the process name is case sensitive, that is, it is case sensitive. Example: if you need to close the Gedit process (a kind of notepad for Linux) you must include the "gedit" key, and not "Gedit", in the list of processes to complete. In Windows, process names are not case sensitive, eliminating this requirement.

It is important to clarify that the robot cannot close all processes, since some need administrator permissions to be terminated, and the robot does not request these for execution, but this does not prevent the robot from working.

For more information on alterable parameters in this settings.json file, you can read this documentation. Configure the Robot through the settings.json file

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