How to Link RSS Feeds to a Player

  • Pre requirements
    • Internet connection.
    • News in the playlist: It is necessary that in the playlist you add news (quantity) so later in the player settings we can choose which RSS feeds will be shown in your playlist. See an example:

news and videos.png

To link an RSS feed that has already been configured, go to Players (1)Players (2) menu. Then in the list of players, click on the Modify button (3) in the desired Player:

modify player.png

On the Player Modification Screen, click on the RSS Feeds tab (4):

player feed rss 2.png

In this part, you will see two sections:

Available RSS feeds (5): All the feeds configured in your account. Note that your account comes with a default preconfigured Feeds in 4YouSee Manager.
Selected RSS feeds (6): The feeds that are associated to the Player.

Find and select the Feeds you want to associate to the Player from the list on the left side and Click on the Feed name to make it part of the selected ones. To remove a feed, place the mouse cursor over the feed and click on the X that will appear next to it.

exclude new.png

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